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Drinks & Desserts

Siam Thai Restaurant drinks menu back cover
Siam Thai Restaurant drinks menu front cover



Luxury mouth-watering chocolate-coated ice cream bombe with a core of chocolate sauce


Mini Nordica

Small vanilla ice cream cake with crunchy chocolate layers


Malteaser Cheesecake

Malted cheesecake with a chocolate chip cookie base, finished with a cocoa coating and garnished with a Malteaser ball


Thai Sweet Pancake

Served with bananas and ice cream


Cadbury's Flake

Dairy ice cream layered with thick chocolate sauce and a delicious Cadbury flake


Midnight Mint

A combination of dairy chocolate and mint ice creams rippled with a thick chocolate sauce and generously topped with mint chocolate pieces


Coconut Supreme

Luxury coconut ice cream served in a real coconut shell


Ferrero Rocher

The World's famous Ferrero Rocher ice cream combined with thick chocolate sauce topped with a delectable Ferrero Rocher


3-scoop Ice Cream

Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry


Guay Tord

Banana chunks deep fried in a batter served with honey


Guay Charm

Banana slices poached in syrup served with coconut cream


Supparod Tord

Pineapple chunks deep fried in batter served with honey


Hot Beverages



Floater Coffee






Jasmine Tea


Green Tea


English Breakfast Tea


Liqueur Coffee

Calypso Coffee

Made with Tia Maria


Jamaican Coffee

Made with Rum


Highland Coffee

Made with Drambuie


Gaelic Coffee

Made with Whisky


Russian Coffee

Made with Vodka


Seville Coffee

Made with Cointreau


Irish Coffee

Made with Irish Whisky


Mine Host Coffee

Made with Grand Marnier


Paris Coffee

Made with Brandy


Siam Thai Restaurant coffee liqueur served with a biscuit Biscoff
Siam Thai Restaurant trufito ice cream bombe
Siam Thai Restaurant coconut supreme ice cream
Siam Thai Restaurant Thai sweet pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Siam Thai Restaurant pineapple fritters served with honey
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