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About Us

Discover a Thai Classic in Bristol

At Siam Thai, our story began in the heart of Cotswold: Chipping Sodbury, where our family-run restaurant has been serving authentic Thai cuisine for generations. 

Our owner Kung, grew up in Northeast Thailand (Isan Region) where her family owns a sticky rice farm. She ensures that all of Siam Thai's food, drinks and practices are high standard! 

To experience genuine Thai classic cuisine, our staff recommend Deep-fried Chicken Wings, Vegetable Som Tam and a side of Sticky Rice. 

Image by Eduardo Prim
Image by Alice

 Staff Recommendations 

A selection of Thai ingredients, herbs and spices: garlic, onion, coriander, lemongrass, star anise, lime and chillies

Hot, Sour, Sweet and
Oh, So Fresh

At Siam Thai, we take pride in our menu, which offers a wide variety of dishes, each with a unique blend of flavours that will excite your taste buds. Our ingredients are always fresh, and our chefs are skilled in perfectly preparing each dish. From our spicy Tom Yum soup to savoury Pad Thai noodles, we have something for everyone. Come and experience the best of Thai cuisine at Siam Thai today!

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